Wednesday, November 26, 2008

First kittens, soon human babies and professional sports teams!

Redditor Jessmuhkah added a cute new kitty to her family, and needed name ideas. Naturally, she turned to [ask]reddit for help (Bastion wasn't available). Reddit rose to the occassion and turned out several top shelf names including: Lil' Mow Mow, Meow Zedong, Morbo, Mister Scratchy Pants, Kitty hussein bacon, Mačka, and Dr. Tinycat.

Though Jessmuhkah ultimately settled on Nibbler, a non-reddited name, all is forgiven with the follow-up postings of adorable pictures and videos. Jessmuhkah, reddit expects continued kitty updates on thecutelist. And if you're sad that your favorite name was not chosen, then take control of own destiny and adopt a kitty and name it Lil' Mow Mow. We expect [pics]! There may be something to this naming kitties idea. Hmm. Developing...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In this period of worldwide uncertainty, we still have many reasons to give thanks. Namely, cured meats.

Once again, it's time to join appetites and elastic-waist pants around the dining table in celebration of the harvest. Just as Tisquantum instructed the hungry Pilgrims how to add eel to their meals of hardtack and corn, we need some noble redditors to instruct us in the best ways of adding bacon to this year's Thanksgiving meal.

In this spirit, we proudly present "'s Fight Tryptophan with Nitrates Fall Recipe Classic."

Post your best original Thanksgiving bacon recipe to this thread by Thursday 11/27 @ 12pm ET. On Saturday 11/29 @ 5pm ET (this gives you ample time to field test all the recipes with leftovers), the highest scoring recipe will win a special cornucopia of bacon goodies from our friends at

This gift box provided by is quite a reward for the bacon lover. It's described simply: no fluff or BS, just the best Bacon Freak bacon.

So, as you count down the hours till feasting and football begin, fine-tune your visions for a hot-bacon-injected Turkey Day and share them here. Happy travels, parades, and feasts to all!

Kids, you still sit have to sit at the cardtable.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

the crowbar arrived at CERN, Freeman received it, world saved

Gaming.reddit, Fark, and a few physicists keep humanity safe for a little longer.

As scientists at CERN prepared to turn on the LHC for the first time, the gaming reddit community realized the significance of this historic scientific event: a resonance cascade and dimensional tear, followed by alien invasion.

One of our quick-thinking redditors suggested a plan to save mankind. We'd send CERN a crowbar. Just to be safe, we made it a wrecking bar, threw in a headcrab hat (for training purposes) and Fark donated a Half-life strategy guide to the cause.

Additionally, we found a physicist there who understood the magnitude of this project -- she's also responsible for the Large Hadron Rap, a subversive way for young people to learn about particle physics without knowing it.

She goes by Alpinekat and even tracked down Gordon to deliver the wrecking bar.

With the fate of the world in good hands (read: hands wielding a wrecking bar) we've got a slew of photos and videos that we'd like to see you get creative with. Our pals at Destructoid are concurrently announcing this great success -- let's honor it with some video-editing, YTMNDs, and photoshops.

Take a gander at all the photos. We're just showing you a couple so you're not overwhelmed with awesomeness. Update: Videos are now also online.

Cleverly, Gordon has protected his identity with the alias of Sandro Bonacini.
The 'headcrab zombie' pictured is Stefano Michelis, who has nobly volunteered his body to help train Mr. Freeman for the invasion.

BTW, happy birthday, Half Life.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

reintroducing gadgets.reddit (as and aww.reddit (as

We just relaunched gadgets.reddit with a new domain and design: A bobblehead to whomever first can identify the font-style in the logo.

TheCuteList came into this world a couple weeks ago, but it didn't get the proper attention a site full of cute photos/movies deserves. Brace yourself for some heavy "aww." It's just the thing to boost morale during these troubling economic times. Natalie Portman understands.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Change you can click on

We rearranged our layout a bit today. We took the box that lists user-created reddits from the sidebar and turned it into a bar across the top. We think this makes the site easier to navigate and better highlights user-created reddits.

Studies have also shown that horizontal navigation systems increase usability by 300% while also being 4x more effective in preventing scurvy.

The drop-down menu on the left lists the reddits that make up your front page. You can customize this, of course. Simply click 'edit' at the bottom of the menu.

The rest of the reddits across the top will reorder themselves based on which ones you read most often. We're storing the order in a cookie in your browser, so you may have different reddits listed across the top at home than you will at work.


PS - Alexis wrote one sentence of this post. See if you can guess which one.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

reddit wants your election day stories

At the end of last week's entry, we called on redditors to make their case (in fewer than 50 words) for a free Flip camera courtesy of our partners at WETA. As part of their Video Your Vote campaign with YouTube, they're looking for as many perspectives as possible on election day.

On top of the Internet exposure, the best content will air nationwide on "The NewsHour."

A redditor named Kodemage was the most convincing and he's got the Flip camera. He'll be sending updates throughout the day, first from the polling place he's working and later from the Obama rally @ Grant Park in Chicago. Here's the blog where he'll be posting all the video updates.

Have you got an election day story to tell? Leave a comment in this reddit thread.