Tuesday, March 25, 2008

i can ask quesshuns of teh cheez?

We're working with ROFLCon to produce the "Q" for a Q&A session with I Can Has Cheezburger? founder, "Cheez."

If you've been around since one of the early startup schools, you'll remember an interview with Caterina Fake of Flickr that featured all the top-scoring questions from an askCaterina reddit.

Well, we're doing it again with the founder of a meme that's been showing up a lot on reddit. If you enjoy a good LOL every now and then, you ought to submit a question (using "self" post) and vote on the rest. Even if you're not going to ROFLCon this April, the videos and transcripts will certainly be going online shortly thereafter.

We're aiming to do a new one of these every week, so keep an eye out for our next geek celeb ask.reddit -- Barbara Walters can't touch this.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"всем привет!" and "god dag!"

In our continuing campaign to counter American chauvinism on reddit, we'd like to announce a Russian and Swedish translation of the UI, with huge thanks to freedomcry and livedog.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

reddit is so normal

We updated the front page today to normalize each link's hotness to the other links within the same reddit. What this means is that you will start seeing more content on your front page from smaller reddits. We did this to give the smaller reddits that you are subscribed to a fair chance of getting displayed. If a particular link is very hot within its own reddit, it will now be very hot on your front page as well.

The situation before we made this change was that the more popular reddits (e.g. reddit.com and politics) would wash out all the other content. Of course, if you only want to see content for a specific reddit, you can still go to that reddit's page (e.g. reddit.com/r/politics).

Until you change your subscriptions by checking/unchecking reddits at reddit.com/reddits, you will see content from the top ten most active reddits, which are recomputed daily.

We are all pretty excited about this change and think you'll like it as well. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

make your own reddit

This won't be news to some of you, but we've opened up user-created reddits to the public -- in 3 flavors!

public reddit: just like the current reddits, anyone can view and submit to them.

restricted reddit: anyone to view the content, but only invited members may submit, comment, or vote.

private reddit: like a restricted reddit, but with the additional restriction that only members can view the content as well. Moderators of a reddit will be able to remove posts and ban users from their reddits.

We learned a long time ago that there are things you all as a community can do that we -- as a team of 5 -- couldn't possibly do. Creating different verticals for reddit is just one more area where we know our community can do a better job identifying and growing successful reddits. Our first new community, programming.reddit was created because users explicitly told us they wanted a place for users interested in programming to share links and discussion.

Now we're just taking ourselves out of the equation.

Along with creating your own you can find the most popular and newest reddits.

As you're exploring, if you find a community you like, there's a subscribe link in the top right that will add it to your front page.