Tuesday, September 30, 2008

WeAreTheMusicMakers wins the raise a reddit contest, PalinProblem the runner-up, and Animation wins best design

One month after announcing this contest giving away $7,500 in prizes, we've seen a lot of new communities spring up. Opening up full CSS customization also ushered in a variety of fresh skins. Alas, they can't all be winners, but we're going to be working with you, reddit creators, to continue to grow your communities. Expect us to be hiring someone soon whose sole responsibility it is to help your reddit take over the world -- or galaxy, depending on how ambitious you are.

That said, here are the victors, who, from almost nothing, created and raised healthy reddit communities in just a month:

Winner (and recipient of the following)
  • Macbook Air laser etched with the reddit logo
  • $1,500 Apple gift card
  • Stockpile of schwag (shirts, pins, and stickers) designed by me for their winning community
  • A reddit bobblehead and some bacon
Runner up
  • 32 GB iPod touch laser etched with the reddit logo
  • $1,000 Apple gift card
  • Smaller stockpile of schwag (pins and stickers) designed by me for their community
  • A reddit bobblehead
The last prize was rather subjective, but we evaluated them based on quality of design [66%], originality [33%] and best use of the color orangered, RGB #FF4500 [1%].

Best design
Subanim.com (AKA Animation.reddit)
  • Wacom Intuos3 9x12 pen tablet
  • $500 Apple gift card
  • A reddit bobblehead

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

just a few days left until the raise a reddit contest ends - here's a peek at the leaders

Chris ran the numbers on the reddits that fell into the criteria for our raise a reddit contest and generated this list of current leaders. We've arranged them alphabetically so you have no idea who's actually winning, but all those listed have a little more motivation as the 29th approaches.  It's still quite close and with $7,500 in prizes at stake, it might be time to call in all those favors from your friends, family, and guildmates...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Want to work at reddit?

reddit is in the market for a new developer.

We are a team of five in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco and are looking for some programming talent.

The more of these traits you have, the better:

  • Know the web top-to-bottom. This means you should be familiar with Ajax/HTML/CSS -> TCP, and all the accompanying pains.
  • Unix/Linux knowledge. The site's down because we can't make any more sockets. Can you fix it?
  • A language geek. We use mostly Python, but also Erlang and C.
  • Database knowledge. We use PostgreSQL, but are always looking for a way out.
  • A reddit user. The biggest challenge we face is how to grow without hurting our community.
  • Have an engineering/CS degree.

If you are interested, please send a resume to jobs@reddit.com.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Avast! Ninjas beware!

It be Talk Like a Pirate Day, mateys!

With thanks to shumizzle for helping us with the translation, we are pleased t' be able t' be supportin' this most noble holiday! Yar!

(Also, for those of you who are native to the high seas, we'll be leaving this as an available "language" for the UI in your language preferences. Look for [pir].)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Crowbar, headcrab, and Half-Life strategy guide shipped to CERN

While you've been busy trying to win $7500 in prizes, we here at reddit hq have been saving the world.

Well, that's not very fair; the idea to send CERN this crowbar wrecking bar came from you in the reddit community who voted up Mad_Gouki suggestion. We just understood the great importance of this mission.

And we weren't alone, along with support from all over the Internet, the good folks at Fark not only supported our cause, but sent us a Half Life strategy guide for the physicists at CERN to follow. One very, very quiet physicist in particular, actually.

After the initial order, a dandy paint job, we're ready to ship! Here are the photos from our office to prove it. We've been in touch with an intrepid physicist at the lab who goes by Alpinekat and will not stand idly by while Earth is conquered.

She may also take photos/video for us. Here are some shots from the reddit hq prior to shipping. Don't worry, we included a note: "Get this to Gordon Freeman. He'll know what to do."

This wrecking bar has been tested and will serve Gordon well. The alien will be keeping his.

The Half-Life strategy guide from Fark should ensure their survival.

Our in-house physicist, Dr. Chris Slowe, demonstrates the "Whack the headcrabbed-physicist game."
We trust they'll be practicing this at CERN.