Monday, December 31, 2012

Top Posts of the Year and Best of 2012 Awards

from best of /r/Photoshopbattles

2012 has come to a close, and it's been an amazing year for reddit. We've had approximately:

 • 37 Billion Pageviews
 • 400 Million Unique Visitors
 • 4 Billion Votes
 • 30 Million Posts
 • 260 Million Comments

Here are some highlights from the year.

Top Ten Posts of 2012 (by total pageviews)

1. I am Barack Obama, President of the United States -- AMA (5,598,171 pageviews)

2. What's your "picture you can't see without laughing"? (2,450,140 pageviews )

3. What's your favorite picture on the whole Internet? (2,148,400 pageviews)

4. reddit, what do you look like before and after makeup? Is there a real difference? (2,142,071 pageviews)

5. Today, a homeless looking man handed me $50 and this note. Do any of you have any idea what it means? (1,756,748 pageviews)

6. What GIF makes you laugh every single time? (1,749,185 pageviews)

7. I've been playing the same game of Civilization II for almost 10 years. This is the result. (1,651,956 pageviews)

8. I am South Korean Singer, Rapper, Composer, Dancer and Creator of Gangnam Style PSY. AMA (1,514,034 pageviews)

9. What's your secret that could literally ruin your life if it came out? (1,482,935 pageviews)

10. I'm Snoop Lion! Ask me anything!! (1,467,071 pageviews)

First Post of 2012 - reddit, what mistake do you regret that didn't turn out so bad, yet you still regret it anyway?

Last Post of 2012 - (will be updated once determined)

Best of 2012 Awards
This year we decided to do something a bit different and have the glorious multitude of subreddits host their own Best of 2012 awards. Here are some highlights of the results from /r/Bestof2012:

/r/TrueBestof2012 is also holding community awards, and there is still time to vote for:
And just for fun, here are some stats on admin voting patterns during 2012

Happiest Admins (Highest ratio of upvotes to downvotes)

      • krispykrackers
      • kirbyrules
      • kemitche & chromakode (tie)

Unhappiest Admins (Highest ratio of downvotes to upvotes)

      • rram
      • reostra
      • bitcrunch

Thanks for an outstanding 2012. Looking forward to what you all come up with in the new year!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

You Decide reddit's Best of 2012

As we wrap up another amazing year, communities across reddit are voting on their favorite posts and comments of 2012.

Head on over to /r/bestof2012 to discover and vote on the best of reddit's past year.

What's the best news story of 2012? The best question on /r/AskScience of the year? Or the most thought-provoking post of TwoXChromosomes? Want to find the best of /r/MaleFashionAdvice? The coolest data visualizations of the year? Perhaps you'd like to nominate a teacher for UniversityofReddit's awards.

Also, check out the community run /r/TrueBestOf2012, where you can vote on categories like the Best All-Around reddit Hero or Best New Community.

Winners of community best of contests will receive reddit gold and other cool prizes. If you moderate a subreddit, it's not too late to run your own best of 2012 awards. See /r/bestof2012 for the details, and use the new contest mode to hold blind voting threads.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays from all of us at reddit!

Cheers to everyone this holiday season. Whether you are celebrating with loved ones, curled up by the fire, or escaping family with some quiet redditing, we wish all of you a very joyous midwinter celebration.

If you are feeling bored or a bit down, here are a few stocking stuffers from the reddit community.

Peace on Earth & The Twelve Dimensional Multiverse,


Friday, December 21, 2012

58,504 Santas in 126 Countries Spread Joy Through redditgifts

This year is the 4th Secret Santa exchange from redditgifts and the holiday generosity and creativity has now spread to almost 60,000 participants in almost every corner of the globe, making us a shoo-in for another Guinness World Record. Here's the stats so far for the 2012 Secret Santa and Holiday Greeting Card Exchange:

  • Almost 2 million dollars spent in gifts & shipping
  • Almost 11,000 people in 90 countries participated in the greeting card exchange

Here are a few of the highlights from this year's magical gifts:

This year many Santas chose to donate to charity in the name of their recipient. Here's one example from a Danish Santa who made a donation on behalf of his recipient to UNICEF, which funded a survival package for two children in Angola, containing blankets, mosquito nets, water treatment tablets, nutritious food and life-saving vaccines.

One of the best parts of Secret Santa is the good-natured stalking that Santas do to find just the right gift for their recipient. This Santa was quite the detective, and was able to deduce the perfect, and "potentially life-changing gifts" including a artificial sunlight lamp that can help with seasonal depression.

Some of our favorite gifts this year were ones that Santas sent to their recipient's kids. Here's one that send a Radio-Fyler big wheel and another that sent an awesome telescope to introduce a 7-year-old to science.

This year we also had some impressive food gifts, including a massive slab of bacon and 22 pounds of potatoes

We had some beautiful and funny greeting cards sent in the card exchange, but a card from a sick child in the hospital and a card that's made for ants were our favorites (so far)

This year we also introduced the redditgifts Marketplace to make it easier for redditors and secret santas to find great presents and as a way for small (or large) companies to get their glorious wares in front of other redditors. It's brand new, but we are devoted to making the marketplace the best destination on the internet to find upvote-inspiring gifts for everyone. Check out the top products and make sure you check out the reddit store in the marketplace.
We also have a classy limited edition snoo embossed journal from Miro that just came out (get it now, there's only a handful left!).  
TL;DR: 58,504 santas, 126 countries, & 22 pounds of potatoes.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WW1 Books, LennyBot, Zombie Jesus Pizza, Confronting Procrastination, and a Good Roux: the most saved comments and posts on reddit.

A Dream Visualized by Delivery_of_Rule_34
For many redditors, the comments are the best part about reddit.  Earlier this month, we introduced a new feature, which allows users with reddit gold to save comments. It's only been a month, but here are the comments which have been saved most frequently. As always, you did not disappoint.

Note: We should probably put these in a shitty slideshow with a bunch of pics like all those other websites do, but we're not that smart.

The Top 20 Saved Comments on reddit in the Past Month

While we were digging through the crates...
The Top Ten Saved Posts of All Time   
You too can join the comment-saving ranks with reddit Gold