Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Γεια σας!" and "Olá a todos!"

Through the Herculean efforts of Poromenos and tinha, we're proud to announce that we have a Greek translation of the site and one in Portuguese

We're also working to quickly bring reddit translated to you in more than a dozen new languages. We're always looking for volunteers, though, so let us know at feedback@reddit if you'd like to help the cause. Believe it or not, we still don't have anyone who has volunteered to translate into Chinese.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

new features

We added a handful of new features last night. Among them is the ability for users to create their own reddits. Before we let anyone make their own, we're going to spend a week or so in a closed beta. We will invite a handful of users to play around with the new feature so we can see how things work before we open it up to everyone. If you'd like to participate in this, email feedback@reddit with the subject, "omg me please".

You will be able to make three kinds of reddits: public, restricted, and private. A public reddit is just like the current reddits: anyone can view and submit to them. A restricted reddit allows anyone to view the content, but only invited members may submit, comment, or vote. A private reddit is like a restricted reddit, but with the additional restriction that only members can view the content as well. Moderators of a reddit will be able to remove posts and ban users from their reddits.

We also added language translation support. Right now we really only have English and German, but if you would be generous enough to translate reddit into another language, please email feedback@reddit to offer your support.

As usual, if you're interested in working on reddit, please email jobs@reddit and describe what a badass programmer you are.

Friday, January 11, 2008

reddit & xkcd fundraiser pulls in 3K for EFF

I definitely learned a few things about fundraising strategies that I'll be sure to employ for next year, but we're still quite pleased with the attention and funding you all were able to give EFF. Within a little over a week (and well after you no doubt emptied your coffers for Ron Paul and Kucinich) you donated $3045.51 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

This was admittedly a very last minute project, coming right on the heels of one redditor's self post. I'm aiming to do it again next year and with some proper planning, make it an even greater success. Along the way, I got some great suggestions and feedback from you, some of which we were able to implement as we went along (such as the awarding methods).

Speaking of which, if you were one of our top 10 donors or one of our first 50, you've been notified by me. If you still haven't gotten an email, don't fret, we're randomly selecting another 40 to win signed xkcd comics.

With some help from the postal service, I should be mailing out prizes next week.

Thanks again to all of you who participated, either by submitting/voting on a non-profit, telling a friend, donating, or doing all three while upgrading to dual-boot bsd.

Lastly, this couldn't have been pulled off without the generous contribution of xkcd -- I trust Randall's hand hasn't been sprained from all the signatures.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


(sorry, farnsworth, your headline was too good not to gank)

Happy new year! We're no longer accepting donations for the reddit & xkcd fundraiser (so if you want to donate to EFF, you'll have to do it straight through them). Thanks to all of you who helped, either through donations or by telling people about the fundraiser. And of course a big thanks to xkcd for continuing its trend of awesomeness.

I'll be sending out emails to those lucky (and determined) first 50 who were the first to donate, the most generous 10, and Chris will be calculating those random 40 who'll be getting autographed xkcd comics. Hopefully we'll have all the goods organized and ready to be mailed out early next week.

2008 is off to a great start.