Thursday, December 14, 2006

what a week...

Again, we're sorry about yesterday's outage -- the DNS troubles were entirely our fault.

On a separate note, we want to make you aware that media of ours that contained a backup of a portion of the reddit database was stolen recently. Although the media did not contain any personally identifiable information about our users and we have no reason to believe that reddit data was the target of the theft, we wanted to alert you to the possibility that your username, password, and -- in some cases -- e-mail address may have been compromised. If you use the user name and/or password for other purposes, we suggest that you change them in those other uses as soon as possible -- just in case.

We take your privacy very seriously, and deeply regret any inconvenience this unfortunate incident may cause. We do feel confident, however, that because we do not collect any personal information from our users, the ability to do harm with the data that was taken is greatly reduced. Nonetheless, we decided to inform you right away so that any necessary precautionary measures can be taken.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

dns fun

Last night we had a bit of a fiasco transferring the domain for We're one day of propagation delays away from being back on track. Although, to be honest, the spamish landing page was beginning to grow on me.

Accountability is paramount here at reddit hq, but we're not going to play the blame game. Besides, it's clear that the alien was wholly responsible for this blunder.

As a result, we're pleased to announce that the alien is being promoted to senior mascot.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

reddit? in what browser?

We've been meaning to publish these browser stats for a while. We slogged through our logs and here's what he found:
43.90 | firefox
26.76 | msie
4.56 | googlebot
4.22 | safari
2.58 | opera
1.96 | msnbot
1.73 | python-urllib
1.68 | gecko
0.96 | slurp (Yahoo scraper)
0.88 | java
0.86 | camino
0.62 | teoma (ask Jeeves Scraper)
0.56 | gigabot
0.53 | thunderbird
0.38 | bloglines
0.36 | applesyndication
0.34 | netnewswire
0.31 | nutchcvs
0.28 | liferea
0.23 | akregator
0.22 | wordpress
0.21 | snapbot
0.20 | netscape
0.18 | google desktop
0.16 | magpierss
0.15 | sharpreader
0.15 | irlbot
0.13 | baiduspider+(+http:
0.12 | edi
0.12 | gomezagent 1.0
0.11 | sage
0.11 | newsfire
0.11 | feedreader 3.05 (powered by newsbrain)
0.11 | universalfeedparser
0.10 | feeddemon
0.10 | feedfetcher-google:
0.09 | rssowl
0.08 | greatnews
0.08 | technoratibot
0.08 | newsgatoronline
0.07 | rss popper
0.06 | netvibes (http:
0.06 | ilse-cleaning-lady
0.05 | avantgo 6.0; freebsd
0.05 | set user agent
0.05 | uri::fetch
0.05 | user-agent: mozilla
0.04 | site research indexer 0.75 alpha
0.04 | rss2email
0.04 | rssbandit
0.04 | fast metaweb crawler (helpdesk at fastsearch dot com)
0.04 | apachebench
0.04 | protopage
0.04 | ilse-patgen
0.04 | ia_archiver
0.04 | msnbot-products
0.03 | pageflakes
0.03 | windows-rss-platform
0.03 | jetbrains omea reader 2.1.4 (http:
0.03 | feedonfeeds
0.03 | rssreader
0.03 | (psp (playstation portable); 2.00)
0.03 | mj12bot
0.03 | cfnetwork
0.02 | feeds.reddit
0.02 | (compatible; httrack 3.0x; windows 98)
0.02 | bilgibetabot
0.02 | lynx
0.02 | shrook
0.02 | blogbridge 2.13 (http:
0.02 | unsupported
0.02 | newzpile
0.02 | feed manager
0.02 | yahoofeedseeker
0.02 | libwww-perl
0.02 | http_client
0.02 | lwp::simple
0.02 | wizz rss news reader
0.02 | microsoft data access internet publishing provider protocol discovery
0.02 | vienna
0.02 | feedpath
0.02 | carp
0.02 | beijingcrawler
0.02 | alestifeedbot
0.02 | wget
0.02 | attensaonline
0.01 | newzcrawler
0.01 | feedtools
0.01 | jakarta commons-httpclient
0.01 | jyxobot
0.01 | feedreader
0.01 | lwp-trivial
0.01 | outfoxbot
0.01 | fotki - links fetcher libwww-perl
0.01 | feedtree.proxy
0.01 | reblog 2.0
0.01 | gregarius
0.01 | sunrise
0.01 | simplepie
0.01 | mt-rssfeed
0.01 | windows rss platform
0.01 | blogbeat (
0.01 | drupal (+http:
0.01 | jetbrains omea reader 2.1.6 (http:
0.01 | feedreader 3.02 (powered by newsbrain)
0.01 | sunrise xp
0.01 | intravnews
0.01 | jetbrains omea reader 2.0 (http:
0.01 | (compatible; lylina ; freebsd)
0.01 | parss server maintained by
0.01 | depspid - the dependency spider
0.01 | kickrss
0.01 | nokia6820
0.01 | krugle
0.01 | cococ
0.01 | desktop sidebar v1.05.114.0
0.01 | poco rss spider
0.01 | feedreader 3.04 (powered by newsbrain)
0.01 | (compatible; avantgo 3.2)
0.01 | newsalloy
0.01 | freshreader
0.01 | newsgator
0.01 | (windows nt 5.1; u; en) opera 9.01
0.01 | (compatible;
0.01 | - feed updater (http:
0.01 | +http:
0.01 | findlinks
0.01 | onfolio 0.01 | speedyfeed
0.01 | feedlounge (http:
0.01 | the rss collection of tim bertram +http:
0.01 | rssbar
0.01 | myearthlinkreadertest
0.01 | plantynet_webrobot_v1.9
0.01 | microsoft url control - 6.00.8862
0.01 | slashdock
0.01 | yandexblog
0.01 | plagger
0.01 | feedburner
0.01 | yandexsomething
0.01 | pluck soap client
0.01 | 1 subscribers
0.01 | ieautodiscovery
0.01 | larbin_2.6.3 larbin2.6.3@unspecified.mail
0.01 | (danger hiptop 2.0; u; avantgo 3.2)
0.01 | knewsticker v0.2

edit: Here's your reward for scrolling all the way down. OS stats:

75.46 | windows 2000/Xp
9.67 | linux
8.48 | ppc mac os x
3.29 | intel mac os x
1.04 | windows 98
0.28 | freebsd
0.08 | windows 95

(some of you might be quick to point out that these %s don't add up to 100% -- you've likely just miscounted)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

better, smarter, faster

Since our very first days, recommendations have been a huge part of reddit. I still remember writing the first recommendation system that we launched while sitting on the couch with Steve. And even before that, Steve had experimented with other forms of filtering and recommending.

Thanks to Chris, the system I worked on has since been replaced several times over and I'm pleased to announce our newest system is live today. One major improvement is that it's faster than ever before -- it's practically live. Head to your recommended page and vote on something and the recommender should whisk it away and give you a new recommendation within seconds.

The technology we're trying out is new and unproven -- and we appreciate you bearing with us and helping us out as we've tried to get it tuned over the past couple of days. And, of course, we continue to want to hear your thoughts about how it's doing. But the most important contribution you can make is simply to vote on stories on your recommended page and teach reddit what you like.

We continue to work on new and smarter recommendation algorithms. Lately I've been working on smarter ways to find stories on blogs that might interest you. I've posted some of my early results but there's still plenty more work to be done. Thanks for sticking with us.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


We updated the search system this morning to help alleviate some load problems we've been experiencing. In addition to search being much more snappy, you may also use a url tag so search within urls. For example, the search phrase "reddit AND url:pcworld" will find links with reddit in the title and pcworld in the domain.

Please bear with us as we grow, speed is always a priority and we'll continue to do our best to keep things cruising.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

one year down...

This past Saturday, June 24th, marked the one year anniversary of reddit.

Frankly, we're a little surprised to still be here, let alone doing this well. But we're very grateful.

Like so much over this past year, the timing couldn't have been better. It seems like everywhere we read about a competitor, someone is speaking up for the site run by three guys without VC funding from an apartment three thousand miles from the Valley. Chris, you don't count as a full person until you either quit grad school or get your PhD.

Reddit's fantastic growth hasn't come from a PR firm or from advertising (not counting -- you the users have spreddit (sorry, I couldn't help myself) across the globe (really, our FM survey data shows that roughly 50% of you are not living in the USA, very cool).

Basically, this seemed like a good excuse to thank you all. Let's face it, no one would visit this site if it weren't for the community. We brag about you... well, maybe not all of you ;-) but most of you. Furthermore, you tell us when we've screwed up, how we can improve reddit, and even when we've occasionally done something right. We know how lucky we are to be doing this, so we're trying to deserve it.

This also seemed like a good time to display the original version of our alien mascot (check today's reddit logo). There were a few more incarnations that I'm grudgingly going to show over the next couple of days. I know they're a bit rough, but just so you know, I can hear you laughing.

Anyway, thanks.

We're far from done, so hopefully we'll get to thank you again in another year.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

long time, no write

It's been a while since we've used the blog; we've been corresponding with you all largely through comments, messages, and emails lately. Tonight we added a first version of a friends system. It's fairly basic at the moment, but we've got a number of features in mind. Presently, if you add someone as your friend their name will be highlighted in various listings to make their submissions easy to spot. Also, if you head over to you'll see a reddit comprised of only submissions from your friends.

In other news, we've been very busy lately keeping up with growth. The volume of spam has increased dramatically lately. Thank you to everyone who reports spam links; it's very helpful. We have a couple tricks up our sleeve that we'll deploy soon to help combat this problem. As always, we prefer solutions that affect our well-behaved users as little as possible.

Keep the feedback coming and enjoy the site!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

spam domains

We made an addition to the "report" tab for each link tonight. In addition to reporting a link as spam, and the submitter as a spammer, you may now report the domain as a spam domain in general.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Feed Your Craving

You know that feeling you get in the bottom of your stomach once you've read everything there is to read on reddit? No? Yeah, me neither.

Um, anyway, I've been wishing there was a place with the clean, easy interface of reddit that let me subscribe to read the latest updates on my favorite websites. So I went and built it. Introducing

For more details, take a look at what I wrote about it on my blog.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

interesting observations

We've been working on the recommendation engine lately, and along the way I turned up an interesting observation. Behold the most popular words in reddit titles:

new 2564
googl 2173
web 1395
video 1371
get 1218
blog 1187
news 1159
world 1143
use 1130
time 1095
free 1030
make 1028
bush 945
us 900
game 846
microsoft 806
year 767
softwar 765
onlin 732
internet 699

Friday, May 12, 2006


In response to the discussion over the top story on reddit's front-page at the moment, we've made the hot page no longer count down votes. Down-votes still influence your recommendations, which, by the way, are in for a major overhaul soon, but the hotness algorithm is only going to pay attention to the up votes for the time being.

In addition, where the score used to be displayed as "points," it's now displayed as "ups." There are a few glitches still (when you vote it says "points" still, for instance), but this is a potentially temporary change.

One change that we should see immediately is that the stories that are currently controversial, but formerly had a score near 0, are now bubbling up on the hot page.

We're not sure the exact ramifications of this change, but we're going to give it a couple days to see how it works.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

comment reply notification

We added a new feature today to notify you when one of your comments has been replied to. You should receive a message in your inbox stating that there is a new reply to one of your comments.

There will be a 'context' link below the message to take you to the comment thread.


Saturday, May 06, 2006

everyone likes getting mail

You've likely already noticed the addition of the mail icon beside your username now. Private messaging has been requested quite a bit lately and after hearing it suggested by a number of the redditors we spoke with at Startup School, we knew we had push it to the top of the todo list -- let us know what you think.

We also snuck in a new sort option, comments, a little while back, so if you're looking for some hearty discussion, this'll show you where all the chatter is.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

more shirts, new shirts, and even new models (sorta)

We didn't expect the great response from the last shirt sale, but we've since ordered a slew of new shirts. By request, we also picked up some 2XLs and Women's T's (we were excited to learn that women apparently like reddit, too). Our printer decided that the shirts would be better off with a transparent alien in this new batch, so only the Larges still have the original alien in white. Now, back to geek stuff...

Monday, March 20, 2006

new rising page

We're trying out some new ways of finding links on reddit. As the rate of submission increases on reddit, it is becoming harder and harder for a link to jump out of the crowd. We have a new page located at to try solve this problem.

The articles on this page are sorted by the number of times they have been viewed somewhere on reddit (whether on the new page, the hot page, or somewhere else). The fewer the views, the higher a link will appear. A link's score also helps it stay higher in the list as well. The net effect is that it's basically the newest page, but "sticky." Links that didn't get a chance to be seen because too many other links were submitted at the same time will now be displayed more often.

It is going to take a little time for the page to reach a balance and start working as we expect, but after a little while it should even out. I'm going to try and use it instead of the new page for a day or so and see how it goes.

One other thing we added tonight is a feature to automatically fix New York Times links that require a login. From now on, these links should go to the same NY Times story, but on a page that doesn't require a login.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

aliens everywhere

Aaron slapped together a nifty widget if you'd like a little slice of reddit on your own website, it'll display top headlines in a variety of ways.

Most of you probably noticed the color we added to the number of a link that had hit #1 on the front page. This was a neat little feature request because the rising and falling action of the reddit hot page makes this possible.

Some of you may attest to having seen an * to indicate these #1 links, but after some good feedback, we swapped these out in favor of something less obtrusive.

Clicking on an illuminated number will send you to a listing of toplinks.

Lastly, after quite a few requests, we have black reddit shirts. Just in time for the summer heat!

Fortunately, if you're like us, the most light you get exposed to comes from a monitor.

edit: Thanks for reminding me, austinb. You all asked for it, so we started collapsing comments once they sank below your default threshold (-4, but you can change it in your preferences). This should help clean up the comment threads.

spam domains

We made an addition to the "report" tab for each link tonight. In addition to reporting a link as spam, and the submitter as a spammer, you may now report the domain as a spam domain in general.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

top page time periods

If you venture over to the top page you'll notice we've added a menu to the side to allow you to view the top links for the last day/week/month or all-time. Each of these listings also has an associated RSS feed for those of you who've been begging for it.

Also, we've signed up with Federated Media, and are going to try some of their ads in the future. Don't worry, it won't be anything ugly or obtrusive. We like the way reddit looks too... However, before we can begin, we need to collect some survey info first. If you all would be so kind as so check it out, it would certainly help us out.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

scores on new page

We're trying a little experiment with the new page: links with a submission time less than two hours ago with not display their scores. This was an oft-requested change, and can hopefully protect links from being judged before the title is even read.

Presumably, not displaying the score right away will allow a link to be judged on its own merit, rather than by the first user who sees it.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

reddit hack fix

The quickest way to get a bug fix is to ensure it's the top story on reddit all day...

We've uploaded a fix tonight that repairs the hack that was publicized today. If you use the bookmarklets, the fix requires that you update them before they'll work again.

Also, we've uploaded some changes to the recommendation system that should make them update a little more frequently as well.

Monday, February 27, 2006


For the past few months our friend Aaron Swartz has been working with us here at reddit hq. He is now an official member of the reddit team and has written a blog post detailing the entire story.


Welcome, Aaron!

Until recently, Aaron has been helping out on the reddit side of things. Together we've written a flexible back-end system that will allow us to build powerful web applications very easily. We spent the last week moving reddit over into this new system, and this week, Aaron has started working on infogami again. Infogami is a website for quickly building other websites. Right now, it provides basic wiki/blog functionality, but a lot of cool things are on the way. Be sure to check out the feature request list and lets us know what's up next.

if you want something done right, do it yourself

We took a small break from subreddits this weekend to move our speedy new servers into a nearby datacenter. Compared to the old ones, these things really scream. The site should feel pretty snappy.

In addition, we fixed a bug in the search results ordering, so those should be a little more relevant now, and the automatic title fetching for foreign language sites should be smarter as well. Enjoy.

Friday, February 24, 2006


We added a little dropdown on the submit page this evening to make is easy to submit posts to other subreddits. Granted, there aren't many to choose from at this point. When submitting to a subreddit, there is also the option of cross-posting on as well.

The is another psuedo-subreddit for viewing everything on the site. The new page is particularly interesting.

This is going to pave the way for the "my reddit" feature that will allow users to specify which subreddits they always want to see. We're going to get this working before we create any more subreddits to ensure that users will be able to use the site in the same manner as now, but also have the option of looking deeper into a particular group.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

subreddit fun

Subreddits seem to be working pretty well, and we've been creating a lot of language subreddits lately. Languages are easy because they basically exist separate from the regular reddit. The topical reddits, however, are a little more delicate.

We've been watching the subreddit request and feature suggest reddits and have a good idea of how we're going to approach the other subreddits. The key thing to know is that we'll try to avoid creating subreddits for a specific topic per se, but rather we'll create them for a specific group of people. For example, a developer reddit for people interested in programming and the likes.

There are certainly cases where a topical reddit is warranted (music, sports, science, politics, etc), and we'll get these in due time. However, an important point to remember is that subreddits are not tags. We'll likely implement tagging later as a method of organizing your saved sites and categorizing links in finer detail, and these will coexist with subreddits. The distinction between tags and groups (subreddits) often becomes fuzzy, and we even had to write on our whiteboard about a month ago "groups are for people, tags are for topics" so we wouldn't lose focus.

Anyway, stay tuned, we should have some more non-language-based subreddits up very soon. We just need to figures out a few other features (cross-posting, aggregating, etc) first. A major priority during the process is to make sure we don't take away anything from the current reddit. We want to provide a home for the links that may of interest to some group of people, but not necessarily to the reddit community at large.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

more languages and a shoutout (in english)

Steve just uploaded the following languages:

basque (eu) euskara
catalan (ca) català
dutch (nl) nederlands
esperanto (eo) esperanto
hungarian (hu) magyar
indonesian (id) bahasa indonesia
italian (it) italiano
norwegian (no) norsk
polish (pl) polski
portuguese (pt) português
romanian (ro) română
russian (ru) pусский
turkish (tr) türkçe
vietnamese (vi) tiếng việt

note: you all don't really need to tell us how many speakers there are of your suggested language -- heck, we just uploaded esperanto ;-)

Please keep the language requests coming, but also keep in mind that we're depending on you as "reddit ambassadors" to help build these communities. None of us on the team speak esperanto, for instance, so we are relying on you, our multilingual users, to help sustain this and other language reddits in their infancy. Users are what make reddit work, users are what make reddit worth reading, so please let your fellow [insert language]-speakers know where they can go for what's new and interesting (and in their preferred language) online.

Now for the shoutout:
Pat McCarthy kindly made a slick FeedBurner FeedFlare (how's that for alliteration, eh?) for reddit, so if you're into the FeedBurner thing, here's the link. Very cool, thanks Pat.

Monday, February 20, 2006

reddit becomes multilingual

I've been looking forward to announcing this feature ever since we first started drawing up plans for reddit in Steve's notebook.

Over the months (and as recently as yesterday), we've gotten requests for reddits in a number of languages, but subreddits now make this possible (using language codes as subdomains, a la wikipedia). Translating the interface is the next step, but for now, you can read/submit/share links written in your preferred langauge(s) through the english UI. Based on requests, we've started with chinese (, french (, german (, japanese (, korean (, and spanish (, but we're going to continue adding new languages as you request them. For instance, we'll roll out norwegian reddit as soon as you let us know which form you'd prefer. (On a side note: the idea that someone in Oslo [or anywhere across the globe] would be using reddit in his/her native tongue is just too cool).

If you'd like a reddit in your language, please email us with the request and we'll get it online. All we ask is that you tell all of your [insert language]-speaking friends about it (and that you let us know if we screw something up in translation). We'll also be quite pleased if you can translate "happy redditing."

Sunday, February 19, 2006

it's about time we added something new

We've uploaded a couple new things today:

A reddit for the olympics
A reddit for suggesting features
A reddit for requesting reddits

Last but not least...

A reddit of reddits

Each of these subreddits is a fully-functional reddit just like the main site. We want to make a home for things that wouldn't normally get submitted to reddit itself, but could still benefit from a community of voters choosing the best.

Also, it is now possible to submit a link to reddit that refers to itself. This has been done by hand a couple of times to pose a question to the reddit community, and see the answer in the comments. It is now possible to do this automatically by submitting with the url of "self".

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


We've had a particularly tough couple of days here at reddit headquarters. In particular, this evening our database server crashed completely. We're quickly outgrowing our current servers, and as a result, have been experiencing some growing pains.

The good news is we're installing three brand new servers in a new data center later this week to avoid these problems in the future. Sorry for all the trouble and thanks for sticking with us.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

score threshold added, google toolbar adds an alien

You asked for it... some of you may have noticed a new preference "don't show me sites with a score less than [#]" that should clean up your screen a bit.

We also got a pleasant surprise from the folks at Google, who just released a new Google Toolbar feature: custom buttons. The cool part was that they made us a reddit button to release to you all (thanks, Othman!). You'll need to snag the beta version of the Google Toolbar here (unfortunately, it's only working on IE right now) and download

To install, just save to the following directory on your computer: C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Custom Buttons (you may need to turn on "show hidden files & folders" in your folder settings to make these visible -- feel free to email if you need help)

Steve should have a real update for you soon, but in the meantime, this slick button may be a good enough reason to dust off Internet Explorer... well, maybe not (don't worry, the Firefox version will be out sooner or later).

Thursday, January 26, 2006

an open letter from management

It has been a turbulent week, with various aliens picking up the slack as negotiations took place, but we have finally reached a resolution. Some concessions were made, but we are confident that our arrangement is quite fair and in the best long-term interests of our users.

While we respect the grievances of our briefly alienated alien mascot, we hope that it will choose less distracting channels to voice them in the future. With this labor dispute resolved, we hope to put all of this unpleasantness behind us and restore some normalcy to the upper left-hand corner of our website.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

on strike

With the recent Sago Mine Tragedy, our major media has begun to focus (albeit briefly) on the sorry state of workplace safety in America. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), emergency rooms treat 3.6 million occupational injuries each year. And while the government doesn't break out the data for mascots, it's clear that it's a dangerous occupation. Just in the past couple months, I've been trapped in a frame, strangled and eaten by a Python, been buried by a penguin, sledded into a sign, gotten electrocuted, been rolled up in a snowball, been floated up into the air, and almost got crushed by a falling sign.

That's not to mention the dangers of the lifestyle the job requires. There's the halloween candy, the late hours, the coffee dependence, the time away from my family, and the heavy drinking. According to a 2004 study, 62% of Americans said their workload had increased in the past six months and 53% said it left them feeling "overtired and overwhelmed". Employees at modern technology companies often find themselves working 85 hours a week; at startups it's far worse. Of course it's not surprising that we've lost the heritage of the 40 hour work week that working people fought for through unions -- modern America is barely unionized. Even though we suffers from serious safety issues and overwork, Americans want to think of themselves as middle class and thus see unions as inappropriate. In his book After The New Economy, Doug Henwood quotes an employee of Sony saying, "I was only half-joking when I went around asking my fellow engineers if they'd be willing to join a union." Henwood asks, "Why is that a joke? Are unions only for truck drivers?"

It is one thing to talk about these issues, but there will be no changes without action. Starting today, I've joined the Internet/Web Workers of the World (IWWW) and am going on strike, effective immediately. Perhaps my small struggle will not make a big difference in the scheme of things, but I hope it will be an example for you all.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

for those of you with a private office...

We've added a new Not Safe For Work section to reddit today. Anything goes here, enjoy. We'll be playing around with more of these sub-sections to reddit in the future. Should be fun.

Also, we've added RSS links to the submitted/liked/disliked/comments listings in your profile. In order to make your likes/dislikes available via RSS, you need to make these listings viewable to the public by checking "make my votes public" in your preferences page.


After a pair of great introductions, I just couldn't resist making an appearance. As you can see, I'm very excited to be here (and that is a light saber in my pocket. Thanks for asking.)

Like spez said, the recommendations should be getting progressively smarter over the next couple of days, with recent and more relevant articles. Faster too...once I finish porting the code over from Python to Fortran, which I think we can all agree is the Only Real Programming Language [for inverting matrices] having achieved perfection in 1977 [a year before I was born]....

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

invisible changes

Over the last week we've been working on some pretty major changes to the underbelly of reddit. While this week's updates should be basically transparent (of course, let us know if something isn't quite right), it means a lot of new cool features are on the way.

Check out the recommendations page. Chris, the new guy, has been working hard on the recommendations engine and it should be getting a little smarter every day. Have a peek, and let us know what you think.

the force is strong in this one

Steve and I have been sharing this Cambridge apartment with a friend of ours since the beginning of September, he's a physicist by day and a hacker by night, but as of today he is also officially part of team reddit (we figured that since there's now more than 2 of us, we qualify as a "team." Hopefully, this will turn out better than the club volleyball team we fielded back at UVA -- I can still hear Steve's curses echoing in my head). Welcome to party, Chris (aka KeyserSosa).

I think he'll have an update for you all in a little bit... unless he's just been using those Jedi mind tricks on me again.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

minor changes, an explanation, and thanks

In response to your feedback, we've uploaded some changes to the reddit bookmarklet set. Now, you'll find a "reddit this" button that will take you to a submit page if the link has not been submitted, or if it has, will take you to the comments page to let you comment or share it to your heart's content.

Please update your toolbar accordingly, it will thank you.

Also, I wanted to personally explain the rationale for Monday's logo -- the mascot was indeed dressed as a football player (for all of our international redditors, I know that there is only one true football [and the USA's version isn't it] but please humor me). Our favorite team won in the first round of the NFL playoffs this past weekend (and we're not sure they'll still be in it next week) so we thought we'd celebrate it while we could.

Don't worry, there'll be a World Cup logo sometime this summer.

Oh, and you may also have noticed some changes to the FAQ; a number of you helped us out with this. We're still planning to expand our 'help' section, but this should help in the short-term. Also, a little while ago, a user suggested that we sell our reddit gear at a minor profit as opposed to none at all... as counter-intuitive as it seemed at the time, we've actually started getting sales as a result -- thank you!

Monday, January 02, 2006

new year, renewed vigor

Recharged and refreshed, Steve and I just got back from some quality time with our respective families and loved ones (so please forgive us for being a little slow to respond to the most recent feedback and questions).

We’d like to wish you all a happy new year as well as thank you for the continued support that you’ve given us – we’ve got some big plans for '06 and we think you'll be pleased.