Friday, October 25, 2013

46,000 votes later, and voting was a SOCKcess!

We wanted reddit socks, you wanted reddit socks, and our awesome friends over at Betabrand (who have been a gold partner for a while now and happen to have all kinds of sock expertise) wanted reddit socks too. So we got together with them, put together all kinds of ideas, and asked you guys which ones were best. 46,000 votes later, we have our results, and they are available for preorder!

Based on the votes and what socks we thought would go best together, we've created two different packs of three pairs each. You can buy the Arrows & Aliens set in the redditgifts marketplace (20% off for people with gold or redditgifts Elves!) or the Community Choice pack over at Betabrand (which has free US shipping through Halloween).

Here's how the voting went down:

For those of you who like pretty pictures more than graphs, here's the lineup of the socks in order from most-voted to least.

And here are some fun stats from the results:
  • On average, each person who voted chose 5.6 pairs of socks.
  • Even though we had more than 46,000 votes, they actually stabilized by the time we had received 5,000 responses.
  • 97.4% of people who answered voted for at least one of the six leading pairs of socks.
  • Several users also came up with the really awesome idea to create another pair--test socks please ignore--that got so many upvotes and comments that we had to make it a reality.
We're pretty excited about these socks, and we hope you are too. If you're too lazy to scroll back up, here are the links again: You can buy the Arrows & Aliens set in the redditgifts marketplace or the Community Choice pack over at Betabrand.
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