Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WW1 Books, LennyBot, Zombie Jesus Pizza, Confronting Procrastination, and a Good Roux: the most saved comments and posts on reddit.

A Dream Visualized by Delivery_of_Rule_34
For many redditors, the comments are the best part about reddit.  Earlier this month, we introduced a new feature, which allows users with reddit gold to save comments. It's only been a month, but here are the comments which have been saved most frequently. As always, you did not disappoint.

Note: We should probably put these in a shitty slideshow with a bunch of pics like all those other websites do, but we're not that smart.

The Top 20 Saved Comments on reddit in the Past Month

While we were digging through the crates...
The Top Ten Saved Posts of All Time   
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